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Nutrition conditioner

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Yellow hair bifurcate prevention kingo oil essence milk, with Ghd Straighteners New Zealand, the thorough care hair and by inside and repair hair core, internal, make hair more tough smooth, prevent the bifurcate generation. Endow hair new vitality, root of hair to hair tip coruscate glorious new soft light! This series is GHD Limited Edition latest innovation. Fruit oil nutrition and wash hair protector suit the high fork repair formula. And unique compound scanning repair technology, reorganization hair silk structure. By inside and outside, nourish the hair root, protect hair silk external until hair tip; Ghd Pink Orchid fruit Oil nutrients from Morocco nut Oil (Argan Oil) and ec wood fruit Oil (Shea Oil) extracted, long hair and open fork of the hair quality especially effective, improve smoothness and flexibility. Every time after shampooing wiping the hair with towel, evenly apply adequate amount Ghd Blue Serenity deeply massage into the hair. With no flushing or after with a towel to wipe. Apply to straight hair, the hair tail.

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