10 Best Hotels in Auckland – Auckland Accommodation 2019

Looking for Best hotels in Auckland? This guide has drilled down the top accommodation options which will not fail to impress many. 

The Great Ponsonby Arthotel

 The Great Ponsonby provides an admirable experience where the historic Auckland villa absorbs one’s attention. Worth-spending shareable and aspiring time in Ponsonby locality offers a 10-minute convenient bus ride from the city. One can lose oneself in this one of the Best hotels in Auckland and drift further into the exploration of a foodie-friendly suburb. 

Hinting towards its style and character, the hotel owns citrus walls, blue floors, and green shared lounge. The back porch gets a direct sunbath. The visitor never fails to admire the bold and eccentric South Pacific artwork which hangs over the walls. One is also facilitating with photocopiers services; thus, one doesn’t need to rush elsewhere.   

There are other services which one can catch in this one of the Best hotels in Auckland. Like the usage of their devices, accessibility to communal areas, borrowing of movies and exploration of wide detailed activities. 


Cordis, Auckland

This one of the Best hotels in Auckland makes the list of Auckland’s largest hotel. Just like its size, the personable services offered in this hotel never fails to impress the visitors. One will also appreciate spa services, children’s programs, and food services. The walls decorated with NewZealand artworks stand with pride, majorly historical artworks. One gets reminded with the lava of pacific rim, owing to the glowing walls made up of marble.  


Grand Mercure, Auckland

The Grand Mercure is equipped with modern rooms which offer one of the best views and best Accommodation Auckland. It makes the ideal choice for anyone willing to relish. Grand Mercure shares proximity with waterfront, as it is just a block away from it. One can relish the pacific menu and avail bar on the top floor of one of the Best hotels in Auckland.


SO/ Auckland

The hotel has been fashioned and meticulously architected by a well-known fashion house called World. The hotel is not only extravagance but also bold. This Accommodation Auckland allows one’s sight to get met with a great top view. People mostly gather early in the evening for joining the crowd party for sunset, for enjoying cocktails.


Warblers Retreat

This, one of the Best hotels in Auckland, is located on the outskirts of Auckland. You can avail two rooms Accommodation Auckland and that too with full privacy. Relish the waterfalls, outdoor baths and the essence of organic food during your stay at this location. People fond of birdsong appreciate the bush at warblers.


Hotel DeBrett

People who love to reside in the heart of Auckland, which most usually do, prefer their stay at this luxurious hotel Debrett. The hotel surfaces modern design with bold visual appeal. One can avail the dining spots, usually present at a stone’s throw away distance. There is a huge possibility that one will not seek other food spots, as the hotel itself offers its own well-established and highly reputed restaurant.   


M Social Auckland

M Social Auckland not only excite many with its modern design but the hotel also moves many by its flawless service. If one is looking for the ideal hotel, which is fashioned in a democratic design way, then M Social Auckland must make the list. All geeks and techie lovers would appreciate the experience they will relish here. Every room is designed in such a way that it offers a harbor view.


Hotel Grand Windsor

The Grand Windsor thrill many by its modernly fashioned design, leaving one with awe-inspiring feeling. The interiors of this Accommodation Auckland are jewel-toned; thus, appreciated by many. Despite the Modern touch, Hotel grand Windsor leaves a familiar feel and provides a comfortable feel.    


Naumi Hotel

With the bold and stylish appeal, Naumi Hotel, one of the Best hotels in Auckland, 

is all set to excite many. If one needs to catch the exact reflection of what an airport hotel must be then, Naumi Hotel Auckland is the best bet. Guests meet the gold-plated reception upon arrival, which no wonder leaves them in an utter state of surprise. 


Skycity Grand Hotel

One will be left astounded and impressed by the wide range of facilities Skycity Grand Hotel has to offer. With diverse entertainment facility and food services, Skycity Grand Hotel, one of the best hotels in Auckland, includes itself in the list of preferred choice.


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