Guide to Find Best Vacuum for Tile Floors & other domestic uses

Are you aware that tile flooring is used for several years owing to the visual appeal it provides, apart from the useful functionality? It will not be hard to notice that several homes comprise tile floorings in one area or the other. The specific areas where you will find tiles flooring is your water concerned areas like bathrooms and kitchens.  If you already have a tiled floor then you will be looking out a perfect fit vacuum for it.  You may have this idea set in your mind that any vacuum cleaner can ideally suit the tile floors as they are manufactured to perform for such floorings. But this idea is not quite right. Bear in mind that there are several vacuum cleaners in the market which are very ineffective in cleaning the actual debris from the tile surfaces. You can’t risk your tile floorings as the wrong type can certainly damage it. If you don’t want to degrade the look of the tile floors then get the best vacuum in the market.  This article is a perfect guide to help you get the best vacuums for tile floors. There are a few features which you should look out before choosing a perfect floor vacuum.

Brush of domestic vacuum cleaner

You must already be aware of the usefulness of beater brushes for carpet floorings like how they can effectively pull out debris and hair out. But once your domestic vacuum cleaner is on the hard floor like tiles then this is not a much appreciable feature. Realize that the stiff bristles are not helpful instead they can damage the wood floors and tiles.

The suction of domestic vacuum cleaner

You need to look for a powerful suction in the domestic vacuum cleaner as you cannot rely on the bristles alone. You may have noticed that the quarry tiles are uneven thus clearing away the debris really becomes hard. To get away with these difficult hiding spots powerful suction is very important.

Filtration of domestic vacuum cleaner

There is no doubt in the fact that every domestic vacuum cleaner has a filtration system. But a quality filtration is rarely found in them. You need to pay attention to the quality filtration especially on the tiled floor as dirt and debris won’t compact but disperse in the surrounding. People who are sensitive to dust should never compromise on the quality of filtration.


Tile with no hole of doubt is a slippery platform to work on this you need to be very careful when choosing the domestic vacuum cleaner’s wheels. Proper wheels will maintain stability and will keep the machine under control. You should always opt for rubber wheels rather than choosing the plastic ones.

Choosing a dry or wet domestic vacuum cleaner

You can choose dry domestic vacuum cleaner or wet one as it is completely on your preference. But if you will choose the wet vacuum then it will make the cleaning process much easier. You will be able to eliminate dirt much more conveniently.

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